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Simply Beauty use natural ingredients in our product but that does not mean you will not have a allergic reaction. Always test small area for allergic reaction. Any reaction occurs PLEASE discontinue use of product. All products are for external use only. Simply Beauty products are not FDA approve use at your own risk. Please keep in mind Simply Beauty products are homemade, allow7-10 business days, not including weekends for processing and shipping. Simply Beauty use USPS for shipping. If You are pregnant or think of getting pregnant please talk to your doctor first. Products should be use within 6 months to a year after purchase. Store all products not being use in a cool, dark, dry place. 


Soaps are handmade and individually cut by hand. Keep in mind that some weight may vary from bar to bar. We work hard to keep weight consistent. The soap base ingredients used in our soap are provided by the manufacturer. The manufacturer do use a small amount of processing aids during saponification that is not disclosed or appear on the list.


For any questions or concern please email Simply Beauty at simplybeautybar2019@gmail.com